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Who gets to claim a child for tax purposes after a divorce?

With April 15 quickly approaching, many Salt Lake City residents are in the process of completing their tax returns. This is often not the most pleasant of experiences for many, although some individuals may look forward to receiving some money back from the government.

Rapper falls behind on child support payments

While instances of Utah divorce and split child custody seem to be an increasingly prevalent occurrence in today's society, it can be difficult to remember that sometimes celebrities face the same challenges as everyone else. In this case, rapper Yung Berg has been accused of falling behind on child support payments to the mother of his son.

How is Utah child support calculated?

Child support has a unique place in American society and the state of Utah. Child support does not go away when one or both spouses remarry, it cannot be voided through bankruptcy, and not paying can result in the loss of everything from a driver's license to one's freedom. Child support has a different meaning, depending on who is saying the words, but for some people, child support is a necessary life-line for parent's raising children. Others see it as an unnecessary burden that makes it impossible to maintain a household for the very children the money is supposed to benefit. Whether viewed as a lifeline, burden or responsibility determining the amount of child support to be paid can be a complicated and time consuming task.

When can child support be modified?

Child support can be a flash-point in any relationship involving children. Although it may be a stressful process, part of what does make the child support system work is its flexibility and the ability to support amounts as a parent's situation changes. However, knowing when and how to seek modification of child support can be a confusing matter for many parents.

Ex-Husband seeks repayment of child support and assets

Child support is for the benefit of the child, yet it can be used as a tool of revenge in some cases. In those cases, the support is less about the children and more about the ex-spouses' feelings toward one another. Using child support and child custody as a means of getting back at a spouse can lead to years of legal battles and a strained relationship with the children caught in the middle.

Charlie Sheen seeks court order to stop child support payments

One of the all time most contested issues in a divorce or custody dispute is the issue of child support. With state child support statutes written as they are, most cases only involve standardized child support formula calculations. This determines how much support and to which parent rather than finding out the actual measurements of need for the child. Because it is often true that a parent will not maintain the same income throughout the support arrangement, alterations can be done.

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