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Understanding the law in a family law dispute

Most Salt Lake City residents would rather avoid being involved in a lawsuit when they have a choice in the matter. Of course, this is not always possible with many cases, such as in a divorce case, where an individual must go through the legal process in order to handle certain disputes.

What rights to visitation do grandparents have in Utah?

As discussed last week in this blog, one of the most rewarding experiences for Salt Lake City residents is the time they take raising a child. Perhaps the only thing that tops this for many individuals is becoming a grandparent, which brings about its own rewards and fulfillment.

Why should I use ADR for my Utah divorce?

Utah judges are not always the best people to determine the outcome of a case, let alone a divorce. In many instances, those who are seeking to get out of a marriage or hammer out a custody arrangement know far better the best outcome for all involved. Alternative Dispute Resolution (or ADR) is a way courts allow individuals to work out their problems between themselves in the hopes that a judge is not needed to make a determination.

How you handle your case today can affect how you live tomorrow

When it comes to relationships, especially those involving children, one move can change the direction of your life. Marriage brings two people together for what most hope is a lifetime. But, as statistics show, over half of those who get married end up divorced. A divorce can lead to child custody disputes as parents fight for time and access to their children. When child custody is determined, so are child support payments. Failure to adhere to custody arrangements, pay child support, alimony or other monies can lead to more court hearings.

Divorcing outside of the traditional format

Divorce is an emotional time for all involved. Heaping amounts of legal jargon, forms, and procedures on top of the stress can turn a trying time into a nightmare. Many people assume that appearing before a judge is the only way to have a divorce granted in Salt Lake City. Having a judge rule on issues can not only have undesirable results, but can also diminish one's ability to create a divorce or parenting plan that uniquely fits them.

Family law: from state court to federal and back again

Utah and many states across the United States are in a state of limbo as challenges to same-sex marriage laws and constitutional changes work their way through the legal system. Outside observers and those with a personal stake in the case's outcome may be feeling an ever growing sense of confusion as to what all the rulings, stays and appeals really mean and when the case will finally be over and done with for good.

Domestic partners hoping to marry supported by ACLU

A growing number of people in Salt Lake City are having family law issues with the concept of same sex marriage. Family law is in flux as an increasing amount of couples seek to have their union legally recognized. The various challenges to the law claiming that people of the same sex cannot be legally wed is sparking different opinions and reactions to the hot button issue.

Research shows gender equality in custody disputes increasing

Some perceptions are wrong and facts will wash away the illusions that people's minds create, but other times, perceptions are true and must be tackled head-on. Since its creation, there has been a perception that family law courts hold mothers in higher regard than fathers when it comes to parenting children. This perception may be more fact than myth for unwed fathers who are seeking to play a meaningful role in their children's lives. Current reports of fathers suing Utah for the right to raise their children only serves to reinforce these long-held beliefs.

Divorced mother fights attempt to extradite children

Every nation has its own laws and methods of dealing with marriages that break down as well as those that dissolve and children are a product of that marriage. In the United States, that section of law is coined family law and involves everything from divorce to adoption. When dealing with the laws of other nations, U.S. courts must refer to treaties and other court cases to determine the legal relationship between the nations.

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