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Utah passes new law aimed at reducing sole custody

One of, if not the most important things in Salt Lake City residents' lives is their children. Salt Lake City parents give their all to their children and cannot imagine life without them. This love and commitment toward one's children can make a divorce particularly difficult, as one of the most contentious issues often involves a child custody dispute.

Lawmakers trying to make pornography a custody issue

Even though family law has come a long way since its creation, it is still evolving to fit within the continuing changing society it's meant to regulate. A hundred years ago, divorces were almost impossible to get, and those who went through with one were treated like lepers. Skip forward a hundred years and nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. It was once acceptable to declare women better parents, giving them custody in the majority of cases, but today many states have moved toward joint custody as the default and ideal arrangement for separated families.

Father continues fight for custody of daughter

It seems like an increasing number of cases where fathers are seeking joint or full custody of their children are being reported in the news. As fathers around the country continue to mobilize and fight in court for their parental rights, states are changing old laws and adopting new ones. The changes to custody and adoption laws are being made to address the common notion that courts favor women in any dispute involving children.

Judge orders child returned to Sweden in custody case

Child custody disputes are one of the top three most contested issues during a divorce. In the United States the laws on custody have changed over the decades as the home lives of families have changed. Custody laws vary by state, but maintain a base standard of putting the child's best interest first. However, which laws govern the child and the parent's rights in international cases?

Grandmother fights for custody of grandson

It is commonly said that families are the cornerstone of America. Through families people learn their values, morals and hopefully experience unconditional love. There are many situations which can lead to a child being adopted by another family. Many factors determine where a child will end up, but the overall policy which governs the treatment of children is what is in their best interest. In making a "best interest" determination, courts have the potential of separating children from healthy, loving family members.

Does Utah treat moms better than dads in custody cases?

In the United States, and perhaps throughout the world, there is an unwritten sentiment that women are better parents than men. In the United States this is evident in some legal and social service systems, wherein women are often favored by courts on issues of child support and child custody, among others.

Utah Supreme Court addresses man's adoption fight

For many parents the birth of their child is the happiest moment in their life. It represents the culmination of all their dreams and hopes for a family. When the birth parents are not married or divorced, that joy can be replaced with fight after fight over child custody. In some very unfortunate cases, women and the state have used adoption to effectively strip fathers of their parental rights. The mothers do this with little to no legal consequences.

Proposed law bans rapists from obtaining child custody

Rape is one of the most reviled acts that a person can commit in the United States. The act is such that the victim of the crime is likely to remember it for the rest of their lives. When the act results in the birth of a child the victim, a woman in most cases, could be potentially tied to her attacker through a court-ordered child custody arrangement. Besides placing the child in potentially dangerous environment, this can result in continued harassment of a woman at the hands of her attacker.

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