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Can a court change an alimony order after it is entered?

There are many changes that occur over the years for Salt Lake City residents. Whether it is changes to a person's career, health or family life, change is a natural part of life. These changes are often a primary reason why divorces occur, as couples may drift apart over time or circumstances may change in the marriage that necessitate a divorce.

What does a court consider in deciding whether to award alimony?

Salt Lake City spouses depend on one another for many things. Whether it is financial, emotional or other kinds of support, spouses tend to rely on each other over their years of marriage. Accordingly, when the spouses decide to get a divorce, it can present some serious challenges for a spouse who was heavily dependent on the other spouse.

How you handle your case today can affect how you live tomorrow

When it comes to relationships, especially those involving children, one move can change the direction of your life. Marriage brings two people together for what most hope is a lifetime. But, as statistics show, over half of those who get married end up divorced. A divorce can lead to child custody disputes as parents fight for time and access to their children. When child custody is determined, so are child support payments. Failure to adhere to custody arrangements, pay child support, alimony or other monies can lead to more court hearings.

Federal government to recognize all same-sex marriages

The United States is unique around the world for a multitude of reasons. One such reason is the interplay between state and federal governments. Although federal law trumps state law in almost every situation where the two conflict, there are gray areas of the law that lead to confusing and sometimes disastrous situations. Sometimes state law will take precedence over federal law, such as is the case with the legalization of marijuana, but in other cases the federal law will trump the states on an issue.

Affordable Care Act may have unintended consequences on marriage

With over half of marriages ending in a filing for termination, there is no end to the list of things that can affect one's decision to file for a divorce. One major concern of those divorcing is the new or increased expenses that will occur once the divorce has been finalized. For some, these expenses are enough to stay married even if living separate lives under separate roofs.

Non-traditional relationship get legal status in Salt Lake County

Couples who love each other and live together may come up with many reasons for not getting married: prior debt, child support obligations, alimony, tax status, or just not being ready or legally able. With the high number of couples living together and not marrying, some states are amending their family law to accommodate the numerous people living as non-traditional couples.

No excuse for not paying alimony

As our Utah readers may know, divorce and everything that comes along with it can sometimes be a messy situation. A Maryland man found out last month that no matter how unorthodox of a marriage ceremony you participate in, you can't escape alimony and other court proceedings in the event of a divorce.

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