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What does it take to qualify to be an adoptive parent?

One of the most joyous moments in the lives of many Salt Lake City residents is when they are celebrating the arrival of a new child to the family. The new member of the family can bring excitement and love, and new beginnings for all involved.

Change in marriage laws open doors for new foster families

Adoption, when done right, is one of the few transactions in this world that benefits everyone involved. While the process may be grueling, the end results are worth it for an overwhelming number of those who have gone through the process. There are few federal laws that govern the adoption process and even fewer that govern what happens after an adoption has been finalized. For this reason, states are the main entities that govern the adoption process. In Utah, adoption laws have recently changed after a string of court battles have played out in support of the rights of same sex couples.

Group seeks to help parents cope with adopted children's needs

Adoption has been an integral part of U.S. society for generations. While the methods, use and purpose of adoption have not always been in the best interest of the children or the communities they are taken from, adoption is looked upon as a positive overall. For many the adoption story stops once everything is legally done and the child is at home with their new parents. But for those working to create a new family with their adopted child and the children themselves going home for the first time is just the beginning of a new journey which, unfortunately, sometimes ends prematurely.

Man files $130 million claim regarding son's adoption

Utah adoptions and the laws that allow them have increasingly come under fire, as more and more fathers go to the courts with seemingly legitimate claims of deception. Utah is one of a very few states whose laws are accused of protecting mothers who essentially perpetrate fraud, while creating myriad hurdles for biological fathers to vest their rights in their children. These laws and the adoption issues they create have brought to life horror stories of fathers who spend years in court attempting to gain custody.

Couple faces criminal charges for returning adopted child

Adoption is a serious decision that will have long-lasting ramifications for all parties involved. Many hopeful couples seeking to adopt a child have likely created an unrealistic narrative in their head of their future child. Often times, these narratives overlook the emotion and sometimes physical trauma of the children whom they are seeking to adopt. This can leave parents wholly unequipped and unprepared for the host of problems that may arise with the newest addition to the family.

Group wants laws to protect against growing trend of child trade

Adoption can be the greatest gift for a child and the family that accepts them into their home. While the fairytale ending is what everyone hopes for the reality is far less wonderful. Sometimes children are placed with families that use and abuse them in every possible way and other times families aren't able to deal or work with troubled children. The lack of blood relation and sense of actual family has led some adoptive parents down an unfortunate road.

Private home swapping of adopted children runs afoul of law

Adoption is a chance for those children who have been left behind in some way to find loving homes. As technology made the world smaller, the number of international adoptions has steadily risen as Americans seek to take in children from other countries. This can be a double-edged sword as some adoptive parents are ill equipped and unwilling to care of a less than "perfect" child.

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