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Talk to a family law attorney before walking down the aisle

Generally, a person may not think about talking to a family law attorney until they are considering divorce, changing a custody order or seeking to modify alimony or child support. However, Utah residents may be surprised to learn that consultations with a family law attorney prior to marriage can be a useful and even a money-saving step. After all, it is a much better time to handle asset and family decisions when both parties are amicable. And, one of the most important topics is the utility of a premarital agreement.

A premarital agreement, sometimes called a prenup, is a contract that two people make before they wed. The individuals may establish property ownership rights, and dictate which property will stay with each spouse, post-divorce. Through a prenup the parties may handle what effectively would be the property division decisions that become necessary when individuals decide to end their marriages.

Premarital agreements cannot handle all divorce related issues though. Matters related to the custody and support of children must be determined during divorce proceedings as the best interests of the kids must be paramount. Prenups can also save individuals time and stress, if their relationships eventually come to their ends.

Stephen J. Buhler, attorney at law, is prepared to work with new premarital agreement clients. He is happy to answer the questions they may have about how prenups work and the many benefits that they can bestow on those who use them. Readers may learn more about his family law practice through our firm's website, or can contact the firm directly.

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