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Adoption through the Utah foster care system

Adoptions happen in many beautiful and life-changing situations. A family may have the opportunity to adopt a newborn baby and raise that infant from the first days of their life, or they may pursue the adoption of an older child from another country who desperately needs a family of their own. Another path to adoption allows prospective parents and children to get to know each other over time and work toward the possibility of bringing the child legally into the family through adoption.

This is known as the foster-to-adopt process. While it is the goal of the foster care program to return children to their biological families, this is not always possible. Whether because their biological parents are not fit to care for them or they have relinquished their parental rights to their kids, in some cases, a foster child may not have a home to return. Through the foster-to-adopt process, a family welcomes a child into their home without the guarantee that the child will be eligible for adoption.

This is not always a comfortable option for Utah families. For parents who want to know that a child will become theirs, adopting a child who is waiting for a home may be a more logical option. But, the foster-to-adopt process has worked for many families who want to begin offering young people love and support, even before they know if they will be able to stay.

It is best for readers of this post to talk about their adoption plans with family law attorneys who practice this particular form of law. The different paths to adoption may all take different requirements, and it is important that prospective adoptive parents are aware of those options at the outset of their adoption journey.

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