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Creating a child support agreement during a divorce

Not all matters related to divorce must be acrimonious. In fact, there are several important legal matters related to divorce that may be resolved through negotiations and agreements directly between the parties. In Salt Lake City parties to a divorce may choose to discuss and decide their own child support terms, often with the help of their legal representatives.

What is imputed income for child support?

The Utah child support guidelines use a complex mathematical calculation to determine how much of a parent's income should be set aside for the financial support of their children. Depending on the amount of money that a parent makes, that figure could be more or less than what their children's other parent is required to pay. When a parent earns no income, the court may impute income on them to establish an appropriate child support amount.

Legal custody is an important part of supporting one's children

The right to spend time with one's own children is often taken for granted by Salt Lake City parents. It may not be until divorce or separation forces them to establish a new home and share their kids with their former partner that they realize how precious those moments with their children really are. When working through child custody matters parents sometimes fixate on how much time they will actually have with their children under their physical control.

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