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Modifications to child support may be available in the New Year

Not long ago, this Salt Lake City family law blog offered an informational post on how gross income is calculated to determine child support. Gross income is the total amount of income that a person may receive, and courts use this total to establish a reasonable child support amount.

As long as a parent's gross income remains consistent, and their financial needs do not drastically change, that adult should be able to continue providing their child with the support their operating order or agreement dictates. However, if a parent suffers a change in circumstance, such as the loss of a job or another unexpected life event, then their gross income and capacity to pay child support may both decrease.

When a parent stops paying child support, they can be penalized for their financial omissions. They may see their wages garnished or their license suspended until their payments are made. They may find themselves pulled into court by their child's other parent who wants them to take care of all of their missed payments, so that their child is able to live a comfortable and supported life.

Stephen J. Buhler, attorney at law, knows that falling behind on child support is rarely an intentional act. Most parents would do anything they could to provide for their children, but a change in circumstances can force a parent to unwillingly fail to meet their child support obligation.

Readers who are struggling with their child support obligations should know that modifications to their child support agreements and orders may be available. And, attorney Buhler is available to offer legal guidance and support on that important topic.

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