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Modifications to child support may be available in the New Year

Not long ago, this Salt Lake City family law blog offered an informational post on how gross income is calculated to determine child support. Gross income is the total amount of income that a person may receive, and courts use this total to establish a reasonable child support amount.

What is factored into the computation of my gross income?

When a Utah court determines that child support should be ordered in a family law matter it will look to the state's guidelines to determine how much money the non-custodial parent should pay for the benefit of their child or children. One of the most significant factors that the guidelines consider is the amount of money that the parent makes, which is considered their gross income. This post will briefly discuss the types of income that are included in gross income but readers are reminded that this post should not be read as legal guidance.

Understand the difference between open and closed adoptions

Not that long ago, many adoptions occurred as closed legal proceedings. This is to say that when a Utah couple elected to adopt a child, they did so without learning the identities of the child's birth parents or any other identifying information about them. Closed adoptions involve closed files that often cannot be opened, even if the children subject to the adoptions wish to view their contents. Today, many international adoptions are still managed as closed processes.

Reality star separates from husband

Utah fans of the TLC program, "Long Island Medium" may be sad to learn that the show's star, Theresa Caputo, has filed for legal separation from her husband. Caputo and her husband have been married for 28 years and share two children. It is unknown if the pair will eventually file for divorce.

How do I start the stepparent adoption process?

It is important that readers of this Salt Lake City family law blog know that every case, whether it concerns a divorce, prenuptial agreement or adoption, will follow its own course based on the facts related to its occurrence. For this reason individuals with questions about the stepparent adoption process are asked to speak with their legal advisers about how the procedure will proceed for them.

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