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Making changes to child custody or child support

Life changes following a divorce and circumstances change as children grow and develop. As a result, parents may find that they need post-divorce modifications related to child support and child custody. Child support modifications and child custody modifications may be possible in certain circumstances. Until a child support or child custody modification has been granted by the family law court, however, it is important to abide by all child support and child custody orders.

Parents can seek a modification of child support or a modification of child custody and visitation from the family law court. In circumstances of child support, either the paying parent or the recipient parent can request a modification. Child support or child custody may be changed based on a significant change in circumstances. If a parent has lost a job or had a significant change to their job or health, a child support modification may be possible. In general, either a significant change in circumstances for the parent or the child may warrant a modification.

Likewise, child custody modifications may be needed based on a change in job or other changes such as a relocation. Because of the emotions involved, these can be challenging issues. The family law court will always seek to achieve what is in the best interests of the child which is an important focus for parents to also keep in mind when considering child custody and child support issues.

The family law process recognizes that life changes and children proceed through their childhoods and following divorce which is why it provides resources to help families adjust to those changes and accommodate those changes. It is helpful for parents to be familiar with how the child custody and child support modifications processes work which can help them when they need those resources most.

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