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Utah offers classes for kids to help them understand divorce

It is important to help children through the divorce process. Just like children, parents can benefit from understanding the divorce process and knowing what to expect from it. Demystifying the process and understanding it in advance can help avoid angry or confused feelings that can be a part of the process at times. In Utah, state courts are offering a class to help children ages 9 to 12 understand and cope with divorce.

The important role of the adoption process

Adoption is a legal process that not only brings families together but can also help structure families based on their unique situation and circumstances. There are different types of adoption based on different circumstances and it is helpful to understand the overall adoption process and the benefits it provides. While the adoption process can be celebratory, it can also be complicated so it helps to understand it.

Can I modify a child custody order in Utah?

This blog has previously discussed post-divorce modifications to child support. In addition to modifications to child support orders, child custody modifications may also be needed following a divorce as life and circumstances change. Post-divorce modifications of child custody orders may be possible in certain circumstances but to begin with, it is helpful to understand the different types of child custody arrangements in Utah.

Different types of adoption may be available to families

Adoption is an important way that many families begin and grow. It is helpful, therefore, to understand adoption options and the legal technicalities sometimes associated with the adoption process. There are several different processes through which a child may be adopted including agency adoptions, independent adoptions, adoptions through identification and international adoption, among some others.

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