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How do I modify my child support order?

Child support modifications may be a significant concern for many parents who have a child support order as the circumstances of life change following a divorce or the establishment of an initial child support order. Parents may wonder if a child support modification is possible, under what circumstances it might be possible and how they can request a child support modification. Under both federal and state laws, individuals who have a child support order have the right to request a review of their child support order. The Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services in Utah conducts the review and the child support amount can go up or down.

Understanding the impact of a paternity action

A determination of paternity has a number of important legal and emotional impacts for families. It can be an important to determine for child support and child custody purposes, as well as for purposes related to medical concerns or inheritance. A paternity action is a legal action to determine the legal identity of the father of a child. Paternity is determined by a DNA test that can be ordered by the court which will then legally establish the identity of the child's father.

Key points to remember about parenting time

After a Utah couple has chosen to end their relationship and move on, children can be a major concern. Sharing a child is a difficult situation when the parents are no longer together and the best interests of the child are paramount. There are certain points that the parents must bear in mind as the process moves forward.

Premarital agreements have many important uses

Premarital agreements serve a variety of important uses. In addition to the important purposes a prenuptial agreement can serve such as the protection of soon-to-be spouses and property, premarital, or prenuptial, agreements can also help protect families in circumstances of a second marriage and in circumstances of blended families. Premarital agreements can help protect assets but also can help control the distribution of property in circumstances of separation, divorce or death.

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