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Divorce can cause difficult financial situations

Without the right preparation, divorce can cause financial turmoil amongst newly single or soon-to-be single Utah residents. Even if you get along with your ex-spouse today, there is no guarantee that you will get along with them throughout the entire divorce. Experts have some suggestions for handling the various financial aspects of a divorce to ensure that your finances are protected during a sometimes long and complicated process.

How can I modify my child custody arrangement?

When you first get divorced in Utah, the court will likely approve a child custody plan to ensure that your children are properly taken care of. The plan will specify physical custody and legal custody issues so that both parents know where the child will stay primarily, and who will be able to be make various decisions regarding the child, such as decisions regarding schooling, activities and health care. The plan will specify parenting time, when and how often each parent will see the child and how the child will be transported from one parent to the other. A child support payment schedule will also be implemented.

Mistakes to avoid and tips to follow in a divorce later in life

Divorce can have a huge impact on your finances, especially if you are unprepared for what lies ahead. A study by Alianz Life found that over 60 percent of divorcees reported that their divorce caused serious financial issues in their newly single life. Many survey respondents said that their divorce was a wake-up call to get serious about finances.

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