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Shared parenting may be advantageous to children of divorce

When parents go through a divorce, the children must be made a priority no matter how stressful things get. A large part of a Utah divorce agreement will have to do with determining who gets physical custody of the children and how much parenting time the other parent will receive. In the past, courts favored mothers to be the primary caretakers of the children, but nowadays joint physical custody is strongly encouraged so that both parents play an equal role in their children's upbringing.

TV host Aisha Tyler owes ex-husband millions in spousal support

When one spouse makes a significant amount of money while the other does not, spousal support may be awarded to the lesser-earning spouse upon the couple's divorce. Spousal support can be awarded to husbands and wives of all economic levels. The idea is to support the lesser earning spouse so they can maintain the lifestyle they became accustomed to during marriage.

Grandparents may have custody rights in Utah

One point of contention among many families is deciding on who is most qualified to care for children when their parents split up. In a large number of Utah cases, the child's mother or father will be awarded physical custody of the child while the other parent will be awarded visitation. Both parents may be involved in making major decisions regarding the best interest of the child.

How to co-parent after a divorce

Utah parents going through a divorce may find it difficult to come up with a parenting agreement both parents can agree on. The parenting agreement will specify decision-making, child support, custody and parenting time schedules. The better you and your ex-spouse are at co-parenting, the happier and healthier your children will be.

Receiving spousal support after a divorce

The process of getting a divorce may be one of the most difficult times in your life. In addition to the emotional stress, you may be concerned with staying afloat financially, especially if you were not the "breadwinner" in your marriage. If you did not work outside the home during your marriage, it may be difficult to get back into the working world as a newly single person.

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