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Can an informal trial help settle family legal issues in Utah?

For people in Utah who are experiencing family legal issues related to child support, custody and visitation but do not yet want to move forward with a full and formal trial to settle them, an informal trial is an option to consider. Before moving forward with this procedure, however, it is smart to understand how the informal trial process works to see if it is the right choice. With a formal trial, the Rules of Evidence will take precedence. On the other hand, they do not with an informal trial.

Understanding a Utah administrative paternity order

As most parents can attest, life can bring with it some challenges. And some of these situations lead to legal conflicts. Utah parents that are dealing with family legal issues regarding the paternity of a child have to be aware of certain laws that are designed to help them resolve the case. When seeking to establish the legal father for the child, the Utah Administrative Procedures Act or UAPA can help toward this end.

Child custody on weekends and weekdays for kids 5 to 18

A Utah couple ending a marriage is difficult enough before considering the children involved. This is particularly true when the children are of school age between 5 and 18. The state has taken steps with legislation to make certain that there are specific criteria in place regarding custody. The best interests of the child and the parents maintaining a relationship with children are of paramount importance, and this must be understood when the order is made.

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