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Avoiding child custody disputes during the holidays

The holiday season often presents valuable opportunities for many Salt Lake City residents to spend with their loved ones. While these opportunities can be a blessing, they can also present challenges when conflicts arise among family members.

For example, the decision of which parent a child will spend Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holidays with can be contentious. Parents and children often have established traditions they would like to uphold, and they might be traveling to see extended family members as well, which can further complicate arrangements.

In a divorce or custody proceeding, the goal is often to minimize these types of conflicts and establish the best possible environment for the child. As discussed recently in this blog, there are different options available when establishing custody.

For instance, the court might award joint custody between the parents, both with physical custody and legal custody over the child. In other cases, sole custody in favor of one parent may be more aligned with the best interests of the child. In these cases, disputes can arise not only with respect to custody issues but the visitation rights of the other parent as well.

Our firm vigorously advocates for our clients in all types of custody disputes. We examine the circumstances of each case to determine what our clients want and how the law applies to their situation. We can then put in place a strategy aimed at achieving those goals and protecting not only our clients' interests, but the best interests of the child. When custody disputes arise after a custody order is already in place, we work with our clients to examine how these disputes can be resolved and whether changes may be needed in the existing order. For more information on our firm's services, please visit our child custody webpage.

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