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Key financial considerations with family law and divorce in Utah

Utah couples that are divorcing inevitably face the emotional and personal issues that accompany this difficult decision. With that, it is possible that family legal issues, property division and other factors that might be in dispute will be shepherded to the background. This is a mistake that a vast proportion of people make. Finances should never be ignored during dissolution. There are certain aspects to take into consideration and account for, whether it is a high asset divorce or one of more modest means or whether it is a young couple, an older couple or one in between.

What are residency requirements and grounds for divorce in Utah?

If a couple in Utah chooses to move forward with the end of a marriage, there are certain legal matters to consider. The court has the ability to dissolve a marriage provided the petitioner or respondent in the case has been a legitimate resident of the state and the county where the action is brought. If the people in the marriage are members of the U.S. armed forces and are not legal residents of the state, it can be filed where the person was stationed for three months before commencing with the divorce.

Important points about child support modification in Utah

When Utah parents share a child but are no longer together as a couple, in most cases the noncustodial parent will have to pay child support to the custodial parent. This is for the child's upkeep, medical care, living expenses and more. But with life as unpredictable as it is, there are times when circumstances such as income, employment status and other issues can change making it reasonable to request that there be an accompanying change to the amount that the parent pays or receives. This request can come from either. Having an understanding of important points toward this request is key before moving forward.

What types of child custody arrangements are available?

Parenting is not always easy for Salt Lake City residents. There is no shortage of challenges facing parents today, even under the best of circumstances. These challenges can increase when the parents become involved in a custody dispute over the children.

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