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Effective estate planning through a prenuptial agreement

Many Salt Lake City residents may spend years, or even decades, building up assets for themselves and their families. Through hard work and dedication, individuals may accumulate valuable real or personal property or make investments that grow significantly over time. Given the work that goes into building these assets, and the sheer value of the assets themselves, it is not surprising that individuals want to protect these items as best they can.

When alimony is at stake, are your interests protected?

In the wake of a divorce, Salt Lake City residents may experience a number of significant changes in their lives. Among other changes, individuals can find themselves facing new financial challenges as they try to meet their monthly expenses on one income instead of two.

What factors does a court consider in determining alimony?

Over the course of a marriage, Salt Lake City residents become used to a certain standard of living. This standard of living often rises over the years as both sides progress in their careers and become more financially stable. Accordingly, when the spouses decide to get a divorce, there are frequently issues about what standard of living will be enjoyed by the spouses after the divorce.

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