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Protecting the parental relationship in child custody disputes

When disputes arise between Salt Lake City residents, those involved in the dispute often want an effective resolution above all else. This is especially true when the dispute involves custodial or visitation rights between parents. Resolving these disputes is essential because the parent-child relationship can be at stake.

As discussed recently in this blog, there are any number of disputes that can arise between parents when it comes to child custody issues. Before a child custody order is entered, the parents may have vastly different objectives regarding custody and parenting time, including decision-making over the best interests of the child. Even after a custody order is entered, the parents can continue to have disputes about how that order is carried into effect.

Under Utah law, the purpose of a parenting plan is to provide for the child's best interests. The plan should include provisions addressing the child's care and stability, the child's relationship with each parent and ways in which the parents can resolve any disputes that may arise. If these provisions are not followed by the other parent, a parent may need to go to court for the purpose of enforcing a child custody order.

Our firm helps our clients through the range of custody disputes that can develop at different times in a case. Whether it is establishing an effective child custody order in the context of a divorce or other case or enforcing or modifying an existing order where disputes between parents are present, we advocate vigorously for our clients. For more information on our firm's services, please visit our child custody webpage.

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