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Celebrities are like us when it comes to divorce

Despite what some popular magazines may say, celebrities are not like Salt Lake City residents in many areas of life. There are some key similarities, however, when it comes to the legal system. Because the law applies equally to everyone, there are lessons that can be learned when celebrities go through a divorce.

Protecting the parental relationship in child custody disputes

When disputes arise between Salt Lake City residents, those involved in the dispute often want an effective resolution above all else. This is especially true when the dispute involves custodial or visitation rights between parents. Resolving these disputes is essential because the parent-child relationship can be at stake.

What terms can be included in a joint custody order?

Salt Lake City residents often put in long hours and hard work to succeed in their career. Yet many consider the most difficult job of all to be that of a parent. While raising a child can be rewarding and meaningful, it also involves making difficult decisions as to how the child should be raised.

New school year brings new child custody challenges

It is that time of the year again for Salt Lake City families to start another school year. The start of the school year is often a time of excitement, as well as anxiety. This is due not only to the beginning of classes, but the additional issues that go along with it.

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