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Adoption creates legal relationships for Utah families

It is sometimes the case that a grandparent, aunt, or uncle plays a critical role in the upbringing of a related child. For some those periods of involvement in a young relative's life are fleeting but for others their care and love for the child goes beyond simply helping out during a rough patch of life. In Utah, some adults choose to adopt their grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and other minor relations when the kids' parents are unable to care for them.

Additionally, many couples choose to expand their families through the process of non-familial adoption. Adoptions from outside of one's family can be done domestically or internationally. A domestic adoption involves creating a legal relationship with a child from the United States while an international adoption involves legally binding oneself to a child from another country.

Different adoption processes each have different legal requirements, and knowing how to approach the particular path that one must take to achieve his adoption goals can be tough. For this reason some individuals who wish to complete adoptions choose to work with lawyers who offer adoption services as part of their family law practices and attorney Stephen J. Buhler is one such attorney.

Attorney Buhler's practice is located in Salt Lake City and in addition to the forms of adoption discussed herein, he also helps blended families work through stepparent adoptions. He knows that the decision to take legal responsibility of a child is a significant commitment and is able to offer his clients individual guidance to ensure that their adoption ventures move forward as smoothly as possible. As with all legal endeavors an adoption cannot be guaranteed to be approved by the court or other governing body responsible for the child, but with the help of an adoption attorney like Stephen J. Buhler, individuals give themselves a good opportunity to successfully adopt children.

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