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Women express less regrets after divorce according to study

There are few things that are more difficult for Salt Lake City residents to go through that the end of a marriage. This is especially true when a divorce is bitter and vigorously contested. According to a new study, however, women may deal better with a divorce than men.

The study, which was based on a survey of 2,000 adults, showed that 75 percent of women had no regrets over their decision to get a divorce. This was contrasted with 61 percent of men who expressed the same sentiments. In connection with the study, some have noted the costs of divorce can be much higher for men than women as well.

The study further showed that women were more likely to place the responsibility for the end of the marriage upon the other spouse. About 64 percent of women said their husbands were to blame for the divorce, while only 44 percent of men responded that the wives were to blame.

Ultimately, the courts have largely done away with considering which spouse was to blame for the divorce. This does not mean issues like fault are completely irrelevant, however, as a spouse's actions can still come into play through a variety of divorce legal issues.

For example, the court may consider a spouse's infidelity, abuse or other behaviors when determining whether to award alimony. The court may also consider some of these issues when determining child custody issues, and even issues of property division. Accordingly, the parties' feelings about the issues that caused the divorce are not just fodder for studies like the one discussed above, as they can lead to real consequences in the divorce proceeding as well.

Source: Salon, "Women divorce better than men: They're happier, more confident and less likely to self-destruct," Kali Holloway, July 1, 2016

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