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Has your spouse's bad conduct lead to a divorce?

Over the course of a marriage, Salt Lake City residents get to know their spouses better than others in their life. And yet, even after years of marriage, it can seem as though a person does not recognize their spouse when events lead to a divorce.

This apparent change of character can take many forms. Frequently, a spouse will discover that his or her significant other has been engaged in an affair with someone else. In other cases, a spouse may learn the other spouse is severely mismanaging the couple's finances, or worse yet, hiding assets.

Recently, this blog has discussed how the other side's fault can come into play in the divorce. While fault is not necessary to obtain the divorce, it is still an important issue as it may be considered by the court in making decisions over the division of property and in awarding alimony, among other issues. Accordingly, it is important to determine whether issues of fault are present and how those issues may be considered by the court in each case.

Our firm has helped numerous clients through the difficult process of going through a divorce. We understand that divorce is not easy for anyone, but especially when there are other factors at stake like abuse by the other spouse, an affair or dissipation of the marital assets. At the same time, we can help put our clients in the best position possible in the divorce by explaining how these factors apply to the court, and vigorously advocating the judge to consider these factors in awarding relief to our clients. For more information on our firm's services, please visit our family law webpage.

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