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Understand your options when it comes to adoption

Several weeks ago this Salt Lake City family law blog explored some important financial considerations that individuals should make when pursuing private adoptions. The legal realm of adoption, however, extends far beyond the money one may need to expend in order to become an adoptive parent. Adoption can be a legally difficult process, regardless of the path taken.

Individuals who desire to grow their families through adoption have many decisions to make. They must determine if they wish to adopt children from the United States or if they want to grow their families with children from other nations. Not all countries allow Americans to adopt children, and a prospective parent's dream of adopting from a particular country may hit roadblocks if that parent is not prepared to meet the requirements of the adoptive nation's legal processes.

Additionally, prospective adoptive parents may wish to work with adoption agencies in their pursuit of adding a child to their lives, and working with an agency can mean following the particular protocols of the individual's chosen adoption group. Also, the requirements for adopting a child out of foster care can be different than the requirements of adopting a child through a domestic or international agency. At the end of the day, a prospective adoptive parent may not know what to do to make his or her dreams of becoming a parent into a reality.

Stephen J. Buhler, Attorney at Law, is available to work with individuals who hope to adopt. His practice includes legal services related to the adoption of children through domestic and international channels as well as the adoption of children from the Utah foster care system. To learn more about adoption issues in Utah, please visit his website.

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