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Do you need to modify a child support order?

Change is a natural part of every Salt Lake City resident's life. The key is knowing how to address the changes that will inevitably arise from time to time, whether those changes are unanticipated or not.

Recently, this blog discussed how the family law system deals with changes in families' lives. While the terms of a final divorce decree might make perfect sense at the time the order is entered, those terms can present serious challenges when changes arise.

This often happens with child support obligations. The original child support order entered by the court will necessarily be based upon the circumstances known at the time the order is entered. These circumstances can change over the months and years to follow.

For instance, changes in a person's career, like a promotion or job loss, may influence the amount of income earned. On the other hand, changes the child's needs can arise, such as a medical situation that requires increased expenses.

The legal system may provide relief from existing orders when these changes arise. However, certain conditions may need to be satisfied, such as showing a substantial change in circumstances if a modification of an existing order is sought within a relatively short amount of time after it was initially entered.

Our firm has significant experience in helping our clients address the changes the arise in their lives. We work with our clients to understand their circumstances, and explain those circumstances to the court when a child support modification is necessary. For more information on our firm's services, please visit our child support webpage.

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