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Famed billionaire and wife seeking second divorce

Over the course of years, Salt Lake City residents may seem their personal relationships with others evolve significantly. Even the closest of relationships, such as those between spouses, can change over time. Often times, these changes account for the couple's decision to get a divorce, as the situation in the marriage may not be what it used to be when the couple first became married.

Understanding how alimony is awarded in Utah

At the end of a marriage in Utah, there is often a question as to whether one former spouse will be ordered to pay alimony to the other. This can be a frequent issue up for dispute. With any divorce, it is important that the participants understand alimony and who can ask for and receive it. The husband or the wife is allowed, under Utah law, to request alimony. It can be ordered on a temporary basis while the case is pending or for an extended period after the divorce is completed.

What happens if a party fails to obey a court order?

Accountability is important for Salt Lake City residents, particularly when someone else has done something improper against them. In the legal system, there are certain ways to hold others accountable for their actions, and certain methods which should not be pursued.

New Utah bill proposes that sex offenders pay child support

The legal system can be complex and confusing for Salt Lake City residents to understand. What seems like a simple, straightforward issue can involve nuances and complications that leave the result anything but clear in certain cases. What's more, the law is constantly changing, as new laws are introduced in the legislature that change the way things are done, while courts interpret the existing laws in different ways depending on the circumstances of each case.

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