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Do you know what it takes to become an adoptive parent?

The legal system can be confusing to encounter for Salt Lake City residents who have not been involved in any lawsuits in the past. There are detailed rules of procedure that must be followed, and these rules can vary depending on the type of case at issue. There are also a number of legal issues that arise in each case that must be addressed, including complex issues that have not been handled in any other case before.

Can an adopted child's biological parents take the child back?

Many Salt Lake City residents have a general familiarity of the legal system, often based on what they see and hear from others and on television. When individuals become personally involved in the legal system, however, they may come to find that their previously held beliefs consisted of many myths and misconceptions.

Child support basics in Utah

Parents have a legal duty in Utah to support their minor children under the age of 18 or until the child has completed high school. Required child support obligations are determined by Utah's Child Support Guidelines. There are three components to child support determinations according to Utah's Child Support Guidelines. The three components of child support in Utah include base child support, medical care and child care expenses.

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