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Can evidence of a spouse's bad conduct be used in a divorce?

There are many misconceptions about the legal system, and divorce cases are no exception. It is important for Salt Lake City residents going through a divorce to understand these misconceptions, and how the reality of the law will impact their case.

Baby boomers experiencing rising number of divorces

Change is inevitable in the lives of Salt Lake City residents. On both an individual level and for society as a whole, Salt Lake City residents have seen a number of changes over the past few decades. These changes have had an impact on the legal system as well, including changes in family law cases.

Do you have a plan when child custody disputes arise?

There are some events that will involve unexpected twists, no matter how well one plans for them in advance. Many Salt Lake City residents know this all too well when it comes to child custody, as even the best laid plans for avoiding disputes can fail to remove all disagreements between parents.

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