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Dispute between parents? What does the parenting plan say?

When Salt Lake City families have important goals they wish to reach, it helps to have a plan in place to meet those goals. The plan can set a course of action to accomplish the goal, complete with proposed timelines and conditions that will give the goal the best chance of being met.

Beginning of the new year typically sees spike in divorces

With the holiday season well into effect, it will not be long before Salt Lake City residents see the beginning of the new year. For many, the start of the new year brings an opportunity for fresh beginnings, as individuals set one or more resolutions they hope to keep.

What options are available after losing in the trial court?

Salt Lake City residents often disagree with one another, including on some very important issues. These disagreements are perfectly normal, particularly when it comes to the legal system, where disagreements on legal issues is not only frequent between different parties, but between different judges as well.

How does the court divide marital debt after a divorce?

When Salt Lake City residents face a difficult decision, they often use a certain set of principles to decide the decision, no matter what the particular issue at stake may be. This is true in the legal system as well, as courts often consider the same factors in reaching a decision.

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