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What pitfalls can happen to women in a divorce?

When major life changes occur for Salt Lake City residents, major adjustments may be needed in order to deal with those changes. This is often the case when it comes to the end of a marriage, as individuals find themselves dealing with a number of changes that result in post-divorce adjustments.

How does a court divide an unmarried couple's property?

The end of a relationship can bring about a number of difficulties for Salt Lake City residents. Beyond the emotional toll on the individual, there are often many logistical issues to figure out. For example, while the process of dividing property between unmarried couples may be similar in many respects to the process that takes place after a divorce, the law may apply differently for a dispute between unmarried couples.

When is a prenuptial agreement not enforced?

The beginning of a new marriage can be an emotional time for Salt Lake City residents. Much planning goes into seemingly every minor detail of the wedding, including choosing a venue for the ceremony and reception, hiring photographers and others and working with both families to coordinate the event.

What should you do when your ex is being untruthful in court?

When Salt Lake City residents are engaged in a dispute with someone else, it can seem like the other person is not being entirely forthcoming. This is frequently what happens during and after divorce cases, as the other party may appear to be hiding assets or being untruthful about his or her income. It can be tough, however, when a person has suspicions of the other's untruthfulness, without having solid evidence that the other person is actually lying.

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