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Social media accounts increasing in popularity and in court usage

In the course of just a few years, social media has quickly risen in popularity, to the point where it is often used multiple times per day by Salt Lake City residents. While many individuals may think of social media as simply being used for fun or to connect with family and friends, it can also have a dramatic impact when it comes to family law cases.

How does a court make its child custody decisions?

There is no job that is more difficult, or important, than raising a child. There is never a shortage of decisions for Salt Lake City residents to make when raising their children, including those regarding the child's education, beliefs, relationships, and much more. Ultimately, parents decide how to raise their children based upon what they believe will be best for the child.

What different kinds of child custody are available?

When Salt Lake City residents are going through a divorce, there can be many contentious issues that arise between the spouses. The division of valuable assets is frequently disputed, along with issues involving spousal support or other financial arrangements. Perhaps no matter is more important, however, than determining the parties' child custody rights.

Utah couples get married at youngest age in nation, study shows

Times have changed for Salt Lake City residents, in many different aspects of life. For example, family dynamics are much different now than they were decades ago. These different dynamics can lead to differences in the court system as well, as family law cases depend upon the circumstances involved in each case.

Premarital agreements have practical uses

There can be a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding premarital agreements, or prenuptial agreements. For a number of reasons, premarital agreements are increasing in popularity and becoming more common. As more couples enter second marriages later in life, and more families are blending children from previous marriages or more couples have grown children, prenuptial agreements are becoming more common.

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