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Have things changed since your divorce judgment was entered?

Change is an inevitable part of life for Salt Lake City residents. No matter how well someone plans anticipates for the future, there are always potential changes that can shift these plans and make it necessary to adjust.

In the legal world, these changes can result in a number of family law issues. A final divorce judgment will establish certain terms that must be followed, such as setting up a certain payment schedule for child support or alimony that must be paid by one of the spouses to the other. However, changes often occur after the judgment is entered, which can call into question whether the judgment needs to be altered.

For example, a person ordered to pay child support might lose his or her job, which can result in serious difficulties on the person's ability to continue making the payments. Conversely, the payer might get a raise or take on a new job that pays significantly more, which begs the question of whether alimony or child support payments should increase.

Each of these cases present unique facets. Our firm has worked with many clients in different situations to determine whether a divorce judgment needs to be modified in light of the changes that have occurred since it was entered. We understand the legal standard that must be satisfied in order to change an existing order of the court, and we work closely with our clients to examine the facts and present the best possible case. For more information on our firm's ability to assist in modification proceedings, please visit our family law webpage.

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