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How are alimony payments treated by the IRS?

Many Salt Lake City residents may think of divorce as being the end of many things, most notably the relationship between two spouses. Whether the divorce proceeding moves quickly or lasts for quite some time, individuals often believe the final decree will resolve everything and put an end to all divorce-related matters.

"Divorce selfies" make waves across social media

Salt Lake City residents often have expectations about how certain things should proceed. This is certainly the case with the end of a marriage. Individuals often envision the divorce as being ripe with negative emotions, fighting between the spouses and contested litigation that can last for months or years.

How do international adoptions differ from domestic adoptions?

One of the most joyous times in the lives of many Salt Lake City residents is the arrival of a new child. While this arrival is often celebrated at the birth of the child, there are many other ways in which a child can join the family. For example, when a private adoption takes place, the family can celebrate the addition of a new member to the family.

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