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How can a noncustodial parent increase visitation time?

There is nothing more important in the lives of many Salt Lake City residents than their children. Parents go above and beyond to provide for their children, particularly when the children are of a young age.

Sadly, divorce between the parents can place the parent's relationship with the child in jeopardy. The noncustodial parent often wants to maximize the parenting time he or she has with the child, while the custodial parent may have other thoughts depending on the circumstances.

Utah law has certain provisions dealing with visitation rights. For instance, as discussed in this blog last week, one statute sets out a visitation schedule for parents who have children under the age of five. Different statutes apply for older children in terms of the visitation to which a parent is entitled when that parent does not have custody over the child.

These statutes represent a minimum amount of parenting time, however, which may not be sufficient for many parents who want more than the minimum allowed by law. Accordingly, parents need to understand what the statutes provide, and how they can go about advocating for enhanced visitation time.

In these instances, it helps to have an advocate on one's side. Our firm has helped numerous clients who are dealing with visitation and custody disputes. We work hard to understand our client's wants and needs, and we can put in place a strategy aimed at accomplishing our client's goals and furthering their relationship with their children. For instance, we can forcefully advocate for enhanced parenting time for a noncustodial parent and negotiate with the other side to come to a beneficial arrangement. For more information on our firm's services, please visit our custody webpage.

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