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What counts as income when calculating child support in Utah?

Utah parents often do everything in their power to provide for their children as best as they can. For many parents, nothing about this changes after they divorce. However, there are frequently disputes that arise as to the proper amount of child support that must be paid by one parent to the other. Accordingly, it is helpful for parents to understand how a parent's monthly payments are calculated under Utah's child support formula.

Using the law to your advantage in a divorce case

When disputes arise and Utah residents need to encounter the legal system, individuals often want some certainty as to how the law will apply to the dispute at issue. This can be easier said than done, however, as each case can be slightly different from the last, and these slight differences can make a huge impact in the case.

Adoption: a positive encounter with the legal system

When most Salt Lake City residents think of encounters with the legal system, they may envision negative scenarios like criminal charges, bankruptcy or being sued in a civil case. Fortunately, not every encounter with the legal system has a negative connotation with it.

When can a court revisit a spousal support order?

Changes are a regular part of life for all Salt Lake City residents. These changes can be positive or negative, such as a change in careers, a marriage or divorce or other changes in one's family. Because these changes are ongoing over a person's life, what may seem like a settled issue can arise again in the future.

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