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What property is important to keep in a divorce?

Most Salt Lake City residents would agree with the principle that people should play by the rules. The purpose of playing by the rules is to ensure the game is fair for all involved, no matter who might ultimately come out ahead in the end.

This is true when it comes to a divorce as well. The court has discretion in dividing a couple's property, but its decision will also be guided by certain rules that are established under Utah law.

Last week, for instance, this blog discussed the process of property division in a divorce. Multiple factors can play into a court's decision of how to divide a couple's property, including the length of the marriage, the assets at stake and other issues.

The particular factors that are important in a case will depend on the circumstances involved. Accordingly, there can be much room for debate between the spouses as to how their property should be divided.

This means that spouses should understand the factors that may be important in their case and how they can best present their case for an equitable property distribution. Certain property may be more important to a spouse, for example, and the spouse can vigorously present his or her case to have that property distributed to them.

Our firm has significant experience in dealing with the complex factors that play into the court's property distribution decision. We work closely with our clients to understand what is important for them in the process, and we then can advocate for their best interests in the property division process. For more information on our firm's services, please visit our webpage on property division.

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