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There is more at stake than the home in a divorce

During the course of a marriage, Salt Lake City residents often become fairly dependent on one another. The couple becomes used to a certain standard of living within the context of the marriage. When the couple decides to get a divorce, there can be significant economic consequences that result, including potential changes to the spouses' standard of living.

How does the court divide spouses' property during a divorce?

Salt Lake City residents can spend decades acquiring various assets. Married couples often accumulate more valuable assets over the years as their incomes grow. Accordingly, when the couple decides to get a divorce, there can be serious questions about how to divide all of the personal and real property that has been acquired during the divorce.

When can a court modify an existing child custody order?

Changes occur in the lives of all Salt Lake City residents over time. This includes changes at work, school and, most importantly, at home. As discussed previously in this blog, these changes in family circumstances can affect many issues stemming from a divorce, including support orders entered by a court in the divorce proceedings.

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