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Utah passes new law aimed at reducing sole custody

One of, if not the most important things in Salt Lake City residents' lives is their children. Salt Lake City parents give their all to their children and cannot imagine life without them. This love and commitment toward one's children can make a divorce particularly difficult, as one of the most contentious issues often involves a child custody dispute.

Understanding the law in a family law dispute

Most Salt Lake City residents would rather avoid being involved in a lawsuit when they have a choice in the matter. Of course, this is not always possible with many cases, such as in a divorce case, where an individual must go through the legal process in order to handle certain disputes.

Can a court change an alimony order after it is entered?

There are many changes that occur over the years for Salt Lake City residents. Whether it is changes to a person's career, health or family life, change is a natural part of life. These changes are often a primary reason why divorces occur, as couples may drift apart over time or circumstances may change in the marriage that necessitate a divorce.

What does a court consider in deciding whether to award alimony?

Salt Lake City spouses depend on one another for many things. Whether it is financial, emotional or other kinds of support, spouses tend to rely on each other over their years of marriage. Accordingly, when the spouses decide to get a divorce, it can present some serious challenges for a spouse who was heavily dependent on the other spouse.

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