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Settling a divorce in Utah

A divorce can be an emotionally trying time for any Utah couple. The couple is dividing the life that they created together. Whether the marriage lasted a couple of months or a couple decades, this division is not an easy one. The emotions can often cause couples to put up their defenses and fight over every issue.

However, a divorce does not have to be that contentious. In fact, there are many strategies that can help Utah couples come to an agreement about their divorce. This can be particularly important for couples who will have to co-parent with one another following their split.

When couples create an agreement on divorce legal issues, these agreements will be complied into a settlement. This settlement can be on only one issue, such as child custody. This is called a partial settlement. Alternatively, a full settlement on all divorce issues can be reached.

In either case, one the agreement is reached, it is submitted to a family court judge for approval. The judge will ensure that the negotiations in the case were fair and that there are no obvious issues with the settlement. The judge will help to ensure that one spouse is not being treated unfairly in the divorce. Once the judge approves the settlement a final decree can be issued and the couple will be divorced.

When Utah couples are considering divorce, they need to understand all their settlement options. By negotiating with one another people may be able to avoid contention. An attorney can help to ease the tension and help people see past their strong emotions during this time.

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