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Younger couples more likely to get married, divorced in Utah

With summer just around the corner, many Salt Lake City residents are undoubtedly busy planning their weddings. This includes many younger individuals, as Utah reportedly has the lowest median age in the country when it comes to marriage. Utah also has a higher divorce rate, however, than the national average.

Settling a divorce in Utah

A divorce can be an emotionally trying time for any Utah couple. The couple is dividing the life that they created together. Whether the marriage lasted a couple of months or a couple decades, this division is not an easy one. The emotions can often cause couples to put up their defenses and fight over every issue.

Utah sees low divorce rate

As anyone who is married knows, a marriage can be hard work. People don't always see eye-to-eye on all issues which can lead to conflict. Other issues, like infidelity, unemployment, the addition of children, health issues and other pressures can also contribute to marital discord. When people are no longer happy in their marriages, they have the option to divorce.

Who gets to claim a child for tax purposes after a divorce?

With April 15 quickly approaching, many Salt Lake City residents are in the process of completing their tax returns. This is often not the most pleasant of experiences for many, although some individuals may look forward to receiving some money back from the government.

What rights to visitation do grandparents have in Utah?

As discussed last week in this blog, one of the most rewarding experiences for Salt Lake City residents is the time they take raising a child. Perhaps the only thing that tops this for many individuals is becoming a grandparent, which brings about its own rewards and fulfillment.

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