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What does it take to qualify to be an adoptive parent?

One of the most joyous moments in the lives of many Salt Lake City residents is when they are celebrating the arrival of a new child to the family. The new member of the family can bring excitement and love, and new beginnings for all involved.

There are different ways in which a new member of the family can arrive. Many Salt Lake City residents are interested in adding a new member to their family through adoption, but they may be unsure of the requirements and procedure for adopting a child.

Typically, an adoptive parent must be over the age of 21 in order to qualify for adoption. There are no marital requirements, however, as the person can be single, married, divorced or widowed.

In terms of home life, the adoptive parent need not already have children in the home, but certainly it is permissible if the parent already has children. In addition, there are no home ownership requirements in place, as a person can rent or own their own home or apartment.

Finally, adoptive parents may work inside or outside the home. They also need not have a large income in order to adopt a child.

Accordingly, there is a broad range of adoptive parents in Utah. Just like any other family, adoptive parents come in all different shapes and sizes, with different work backgrounds, family composition and other personal circumstances. Therefore, individuals should understand that they will likely qualify to adopt a child if they are interested, as the most important aspect is finding a loving home for the child.


Source: Adopt Us Kids, "Utah foster care and adoption guidelines," accessed on Feb. 27, 2015

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