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Do you need assistance enforcing a child support order?

There are few things more rewarding for Salt Lake City residents than raising a child. At the same time, there are few things as challenging as raising a child.

One of the significant challenges is being able to financially support the child. This can be even more difficult after a divorce, as the two parents' income is split in half. As a result, it becomes vital for the custodial parent to receive child support from the other parent, in order to be able to financially support the everyday expenses that come along with raising the child.

As discussed in this blog last week, there are steps a parent can take against the other parent who is not following the court's child support order. For example, the parent can file a motion with the court asking for the court to order child support enforcement. Penalties can follow if the other parent continues to violate the court's order.

Our firm understands how important it is for custodial parents to receive child support from the other parent. We help our clients navigate through these sensitive situations, first by working with the parent during the divorce to get a child support order entered.

If the other parent fails to follow the terms of the child support order, we can advise our clients of their options under the law for enforcing the child support order. We can also put in place a plan to seek enforcement of the order, such as working within the court system to file the necessary motions and advocate on behalf of our clients. Ultimately, we can work with our clients to give them the best chance at obtaining the child support they need, so they can get back to doing what is most important, in raising their child. For more information, please visit our Family Law Services web page.

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