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Utah parents: get an advocate on your side for custody cases

For many Salt Lake City parents, there is nothing more important in their lives than their children. As a result, when parents go through a divorce, one of the top issues that must be decided is which parent obtains legal and physical custody over the children.

When will a court revisit and change a custody order?

When courts make a determination about which parent should be awarded custody over a child, it can be a difficult and complex decision. As discussed in last week's blog, the court is guided in its decision by looking at the best interests of the child.

Legal separation a possible step before divorce

Divorce is not always the final word in a relationship. Although it does legally end a marriage, it does not prevent couples from falling back in love or even remarrying. While divorce is one way to resolve issues in a marriage, sometimes couples aren't ready to completely call it quits but still need space and time away from one another. For those couples a legal separation is a possibility.

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