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Sole versus joint custody

For the past decade the issue of same-sex marriages in the United States has dominated the news cycles. At the beginning those in support of same-sex marriages were fighting a losing war as state after state enacted laws or constitutional amendments restricting marriage to one man and one woman. As public opinion changed so did the position of the law. State laws created to ban same-sex marriages have, in many but not all cases, been ruled unconstitutional and overturned time and time again in federal courts. Now the United States Supreme Court has agreed to review the issue with cases from four states.

TV star arrested for owing more than $1 million in child support

For many parents and the children in their care, child support is an important part of everyday life. It can be the difference between food in the refrigerator and empty stomachs in households across the nation. The importance of child support is not lost on the state and those seeking payments. In most situations, child support is set at the time child custody is determined. Unfortunately, whether due to a lack of ability or a lack of willingness, there are those who fail to make child support payments. When that occurs, courts have a wide array of options to encourage payment.

Can a custodial parent in Utah relocate?

Raising a child is a difficult task even in a two-parent household. That task can be even more difficult when marriages fail or once happy couples call it quits and the two-parent household turns into two separate households. In these situations, issues such as child custody, visitation and child support are usually hammered out rather quickly. Even in situations in which both parents get along and are able to co-parent their child, life can throw a curve ball. Job changes, promotions, new relationships and a host of other reasons could require one or both parents to move from the city and even the state that they once called home. When these situations occur, hearings regarding custody are sure to follow.

Sole vs joint custody in Utah

During a Utah divorce, child custody is one of the most fought over issues. Decades ago, sole legal and physical custody were routinely given to the mothers of the children with fathers being awarded visitation rights. This trend is slowly changing as science has shown the benefits of having two parents in a child's life, and society is more accepting of fathers taking on more of the parenting.

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