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Sometimes you need a Utah attorney, sometimes you don't

Couples seeking a divorce in Utah are under no obligation to hire an attorney to complete their divorce. The first sentence of Utah court's divorce page says as much. However, attorneys can offer more to their clients than hashing out disagreements or filling out forms. Thankfully, not every divorce needs an attorney or two.

This is especially true when parties can agree on how they want to end their marriage or if a prenuptial agreement is in place that spells out property distribution in the event of divorce. But, not every couple can agree on the terms of a divorce, and, while popular, prenuptial agreements are only written for a small fraction of couples prior to marriage.

Divorce has many unintended consequences associated with it that most people never think about until they happen upon them. Our attorneys have given them the opportunity to deal with a wide range of issues following a divorce. One area commonly forgotten about during a divorce, especially among younger couples, is social security benefits. Nonetheless, with the growing number of grey divorces, areas routinely forgotten about will become more important.

A divorced person can be entitled to social security benefits based on the work history of their former spouse, if they meet certain criteria. First, the marriage needed to have lasted for 10 years or more, and the spouse whose work history is being used must be eligible for a Social Security retirement or disability benefits. The person seeking the benefits must be over the age of 62 and cannot be married. The work history can be transferred, even if the one seeking the transfer worked themselves, but to quality their benefits must be less than the spouse's benefits.

Working with attorneys during a divorce will allow a person to benefit from the attorney's years of experience. At our firm, we do our best to not only help out clients with their divorce, but to prepare them for what comes after.

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