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Keeping an eye on finances during a gray divorce

Gray divorces is a relatively new phenomenon that is quickly increasing in popularity; so much so that the number of divorces for those aged 50 and older has more than doubled from 1990-2010. A divorce later in life can upset the balance of any couple who has spent the last few decades together. But going through a divorce with the wrong mindset can end up costing both parties more than they bargained for. With fewer years to recover from a financial misstep, the financial decisions made during a gray divorce can have a more serious impact on one's life than a divorce at 30.

Why should I use ADR for my Utah divorce?

Utah judges are not always the best people to determine the outcome of a case, let alone a divorce. In many instances, those who are seeking to get out of a marriage or hammer out a custody arrangement know far better the best outcome for all involved. Alternative Dispute Resolution (or ADR) is a way courts allow individuals to work out their problems between themselves in the hopes that a judge is not needed to make a determination.

Child custody and the best interests of Utah children

Children are the most important aspect of many Utah parent's lives. For parents, their children are not only the ultimate expression of their love for their mate, but also the embodiment of their hopes and dreams for the future. Without this new generation to take over and continue the work of the previous one, society and the United States as we know it would fail.

Rapper falls behind on child support payments

While instances of Utah divorce and split child custody seem to be an increasingly prevalent occurrence in today's society, it can be difficult to remember that sometimes celebrities face the same challenges as everyone else. In this case, rapper Yung Berg has been accused of falling behind on child support payments to the mother of his son.

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