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How you handle your case today can affect how you live tomorrow

When it comes to relationships, especially those involving children, one move can change the direction of your life. Marriage brings two people together for what most hope is a lifetime. But, as statistics show, over half of those who get married end up divorced. A divorce can lead to child custody disputes as parents fight for time and access to their children. When child custody is determined, so are child support payments. Failure to adhere to custody arrangements, pay child support, alimony or other monies can lead to more court hearings.

Oftentimes these issues are taken before a judge and resolved in accordance with the law, but in whatever manner the judge sees fit. And while that might bring temporary relief to one or both parties, chances are they will return to court again to litigate the same or similar disputes. This is a rough view of the family law system and how it has operated for decades. But it isn't how your case has to be handled.

Today Utah courts have made a wide array of alternative dispute methods available, which can be used for almost everything, from finalizing a divorce to who gets the kids on their birthdays. Our firm specializes in working with our clients to get the best result today and tomorrow, because we recognize there is life outside of the courtroom. We listen to our clients to find out what is important to them and then strive to obtain their goals in a manner everyone can live with.

Victory in a court case doesn't always mean victory in life. Our firm understands this and we go above and beyond to assure our clients are represented to the best of our ability, and that once their case is over they have peace of mind about the present and the future.

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