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Utah same-sex couples able to adopt as high court lifts stay

For some people, adoption means solidifying an existing family bond or adding another member to the family. For others, it means creating a family where none existed before. Adoption has improved the lives of countless children and brought joy into the lives of even more adults. The ability to create a family through adoption is a right that until recently was denied to a many same-sex couples in Utah.

How you handle your case today can affect how you live tomorrow

When it comes to relationships, especially those involving children, one move can change the direction of your life. Marriage brings two people together for what most hope is a lifetime. But, as statistics show, over half of those who get married end up divorced. A divorce can lead to child custody disputes as parents fight for time and access to their children. When child custody is determined, so are child support payments. Failure to adhere to custody arrangements, pay child support, alimony or other monies can lead to more court hearings.

What can happen if a parent doesn't pay child support?

The court system is far from perfect, and in some cases it misses the mark on being fair and effective. Often, actual and perceived flaws in the system involve highly sensitive areas where courts, even when doing "good", foster a miscarriage of justice. Child support, for many, is one such area.

Step-Parent adoption in Utah

There are many reasons for a couple or individual to adopt. The image the pops into many people's minds is that of the couple who want to have children but are unable to conceive. While this is the more visible form of adoption, the other less visible forms can be just as meaningful and life changing for those involved. There is one type of adoption that doesn't involve bringing a child into a stranger's home, and that is step-parent adoption.

Food Network cooking couple must split marriage and business

As the number of older couples deciding to divorce continues to grow, marriage is looking less like a life-long commitment in some people's eyes. Not even those couples who have spent decades building not only their marriage but their business and images together are immune.

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