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Divorce doesn't have to be the worst day of your life

The day of the wedding is seen by many couples as one of the happiest days of their lives and something they will remember until the day they die. Just because the start of a marriage is the happiest day of one's life doesn't mean the divorce process has to be among the worse days of their lives, if it comes to divorce. While a divorce does signify the end of a union, it can be completed without devolving into an emotional and legal quagmire.

How is Utah child support calculated?

Child support has a unique place in American society and the state of Utah. Child support does not go away when one or both spouses remarry, it cannot be voided through bankruptcy, and not paying can result in the loss of everything from a driver's license to one's freedom. Child support has a different meaning, depending on who is saying the words, but for some people, child support is a necessary life-line for parent's raising children. Others see it as an unnecessary burden that makes it impossible to maintain a household for the very children the money is supposed to benefit. Whether viewed as a lifeline, burden or responsibility determining the amount of child support to be paid can be a complicated and time consuming task.

Who can adopt and who can be adopted

Utah's adoption policies have recently been center stage in the media and courtrooms alike. Many of the conversations paint Utah as the go-to state for women seeking to give their child up for adoption, with or without the fathers consent. This description has been earned as Utah's laws have made it easier for women to come from out of state and give up their child while setting up barriers for fathers seeking to assert their parental rights.

Largest divorce in U.S. history hinges on theory applied to all

While every divorce affects those involved and the people around them, there are some divorces which can have far-reaching effects. Some people may fall into a depression at the news that their favorite celebrity couple is parting ways. These are the stories that the media thrives on and spoon-feeds the public on a daily basis. However, there is another set of divorces that carry with them more profound implications legally and otherwise. The outcome of these divorces may result in a new interpretation or application of law or affect such a large number of people that they demand attention.

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